Our Rich History

Germinal is a longstanding company with a great history. Our heritage has been built on the strength of great people who through their skills, knowledge and hard work have made Germinal the market leader it is today.

Germinal Holdings Limited was founded in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1825.  Since then, the company has spearheaded some of the most groundbreaking work in seed development and has led the way in major contributions to the farming and amenity industries. It is now the largest family owned British and Irish Forage & Amenity Seed Company.

Direct descendants of the original founder Samuel McCausland still work in managing Germinal today.

  • 1825

    Samuel McCausland Ltd opens for business in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

  • Samuel McCausland
  • 1850–1950

    Northern Ireland was the biggest ryegrass seed producer in Europe during this period.

  • 1953

    Samuel McCausland Ltd opens for business in Bristol, England following the decline of Northern Irish seed production.

  • 1963

    Germinal Holdings Ltd is founded following the merger of Samuel McCausland Ltd and Joseph Morton Ltd of Banbridge, NI.

  • 1969

    British Seed Houses is formed following merger of McCausland and Morton in England. Germinal acquire David Bell Ltd (Scotland and England).

  • 1972

    Germinal acquires James Coburn & Sons Ltd of Banbridge, NI.

  • 1975

    British Seed Houses establishes new site in Lincolnshire, England.

  • 1977

    David Bell Ltd (England) is merged with British Seed Houses.


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