Rest of World

Germinal has the worldwide production and marketing rights to all varieties of grass and clover bred by IBERS, the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science in Wales.

Germinal works directly in Great Britain, Ireland and New Zealand, and also part owner of the New Zealand seed production business Cates Grain and Seed – The other shareholders are New Zealanders who work in the business.

Cates Grain and Seed produces ryegrass and clover for Germinal and other overseas partners.  New Zealand has an ideal climate for grass and clover seed production, and the contrast of the seasons in the southern hemisphere helps with production planning in times of surplus or shortage.

Germinal operates elsewhere overseas in partnership with various companies, mainly on a “one partner per country basis”.  These partner companies work with Germinal to develop, test and produce varieties for their own domestic markets.  This relationship is often reciprocal, with Germinal getting varieties, products or new ideas from these overseas companies to bring to the market in Great Britain and Ireland.  Germinal therefore benefits from new ideas from overseas and brings these to the market in Great Britain and Ireland.

Argentina: Gentos S.A.
Austria: RWA
Canada: Brett Young Seeds
Chile: Agroas
Czech Republic: Seed Service
Denmark: DSV Fro
France: Jouffray Drillaud
Germany: Saatzucht Steinach
Italy: Continental Semences
Japan: Snowbrand Seed
Australia: Upper Murray Seeds
South Africa: Agricol
Spain: Semillas Fito
Sweden: Scandinavian Seeds
Switzerland: Fenaco (Agriculture); Hauenstein (Amenity)
The Netherlands: Van Dinter Semo
Uruguay: Gentos S.A.
USA: Grassland Oregon

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