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Hard Wearing

A20 (Premier Ryesport)

A greater genetic diversity brings an increased ability to cope with stresses such as wear and extreme change of temperature.  That … Read more

A greater genetic diversity brings an increased ability to cope with stresses such as wear and extreme change of temperature.  That is why our standard Aso mixture includes four exceptional cultivars with complimentary attributes.

Optional Varieties

  • High shoot density
  • Dark green in winter and summer
  • A combination of fineness of leaf and a good cleanness of cut make a sward that is exceptionally easy to mow stripes in
  • Good disease resistance
  • Good post winter recovery

Optional Varieties of A20:

The only Stay–Green perennial ryegrass.  Fantastic green colour, anecdotal evidence suggests improved resistance to insect and nematode attack due to high endophyte levels.

A very high recovery score on table S1 of the BSPB list coupled with unprecedented fineness of leaf.

Exceptional disease resistance and a proven performer for winter sports pitches.

The latest addition to Germinal’s portfolio of perennial ryegrass cultivars (and a new cultivar on Table L1 of the Turfgrass Seed Booklet for 2016) offers chart topping performance including a fineness of leaf score of 9.2 and a mean score of 8.3.

Excellent wear tolerance and recovery due to creeping growth habit.  Fined leaved variety that exhibits high resistance to insects and nematode attack due to high endophyte levels.


Don’t be afraid of the dark!!!  Gain an advantage for the shaded parts of your pitch.

Poa supine is proven to proliferate in shaded areas and offers a wear tolerance greater than that of Perennial ryegrass.  In the past varieties of Poa supina’s have been lighter in colour than Perennial ryegrass but Supreme Poa supina is much darker in colour and blends in perfectly with modern Perennial ryegrass varieties.  An inclusion of 2.5% Supreme Poa Supina in Your A20 mixture will increase the ability of your sward to recover on the shaded parts of your pitch.


Mixture Breakdown

EUGENIUS Perennial Ryegrass 10%
CALICO Perennial Ryegrass 45%
EUROSPORT Perennial Ryegrass 20%
EUROCORDUS Perennial Ryegrass 25%

  • A20 (Premier Ryesport)
  • 0.5kg Box



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Vat: Not Applicable

Product Data Sheet

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Further Information

Sowing rate: 35.00 g/m2

Overseed rate: 20.00 g/m2

Cutting Height: Down to 25mm

Fertiliser Recommendation:
In the seed bed – Agrosil LR, Fertilis Swing
Once established – Fertilis Speed, Floranid Turf, Floranid N32 (Spring/Summer), Floranid Club (Autumn), Kali Gazon (Winter)

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