About Germinal ROI

Germinal are market leaders. We invest time and resources in consistently improving our knowledge of seed development and our ability to project and plan for the future. We are building unique relationships across the farming community, giving us valuable perspective.

Germinal is a longstanding company with a great history. Our heritage is built on the strength of great people.  We have grown and adapted but still value our roots.
Our service is built on a powerful track record. Our people are proud and hardworking. We work as a team to look after our customers. You will find us genuine and straight talking. We believe in our products and their performance, this is what makes us trusted leaders in agribusiness here in Ireland and across the world.
Germinal believe in the importance of seed development, we need to be constantly looking beyond the present. Our vision for future growth is fuelled by the need to find new ways to improve performance.

Through research and development we make major contributions to the bigger global picture – sustainability, maximising yield, addressing world food demands, caring for the land and the environment.  We have key relationships with the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS) in Wales and TEAGASC, the agriculture and food development authority in Ireland. This is an important part of our future research and development program and our science based innovation.
Germinal are investing in sustainable intensification through plant breeding. This helps to reduce greenhouse gases, aligning profitability with farmer education.
Our aim is to share our extensive knowledge with farmers and the farming community in Ireland. We believe collaboration and education with our customer communities to be a key part of a successful future.

Germinal are implementing an extensive knowledge share engagement program for our distributors and customers. Our priority is to enable you to achieve sustained performance and profit.

Our innovative, market leading products such as the Top 5 range of forage mixtures and our forage brassicas, cereals and amenity mixtures are widely used throughout Ireland.  Our grass and clover varieties are distributed worldwide in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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