Environmental Schemes/GLAS

At Germinal, we produce a wide range of options which comply with environmental schemes including GLAS, AEOS, Greening etc. The most common mixture options are outlined below, but if you require a different option or one not specified, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will formulate an appropriate seed mixture for your needs. The information presented below is a guideline only, we advise you to ensure you comply with the most up–to–date guidelines for the relevant scheme, prior to sowing, by contacting the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.


  • Also known as cover crops or green manure, catch crops play a role in the regulatory requirements for green cover under the GLAS scheme. Catch crops are primarily grown to improve soil structure and productivity. The growing popularity of catch crops is in line with increased awareness of the importance of soil health, as well as their role in agri–environment schemes such as GLAS (Green Low–Carbon Agri–Environment Scheme)

    Download Brochure - 2018_Catch_Crops.pdf

  • Wild bird cover is a spring–sown crop that is left unharvested over winter to provide food far farmland birds. There is a one–year option or a two–year option available. This is a popular choice within GLAS.

    Download Brochure - 2018_Wild_Bird_Cover.pdf

  • Within GLAS and AEOS, there are various options for either Arable grass margins or the environmental management of Fallow land.

    Download Brochure - 2018_GLAS_Grass.pdf
    Download Brochure - 2018_Environmental.pdf

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