An economically profitable and sustainable arable sector is vital for food production. Germinal represent cereal breeders in both the UK and Europe to ensure we are bringing the best varieties to our customers. Through our growers we supply certified seed of cereals to local and international markets.

JB Diego

JB Diego is a proven winter wheat with reliable and consistent performance across a range of sites and soil types. First listed in 2010, JB Diego continues to be the highest selling winter wheat in the Irish market. Once again it performed exceptionally well in 2018, under atypically difficult conditions where other varieties struggled. JB Diego demonstrates excellent total yield, good straw and grain quality and moderate resistance to mildew and fusarium. It also has good resistance to sprouting. Grain is of feed quality with high thousand grain weight and good hectolitre weight.

JB Diego is bred by Breun.


Bennington is the newest variety for Germinal on the Winter Wheat Irish Recommended List, featuring as the highest yielding feed wheat. An exciting new addition to the Germinal portfolio it has a combination of outstanding yield potential, excellent agronomic characteristics especially for grain quality, straw strength and disease resistance.

Bennington is bred by Elsoms in the UK.

For full results and to download the 2018 Irish Winter Wheat Recommended List click here.

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