Forage Crops

Profitable and sustainable livestock farming is ultimately reliant on farmers maintaining tight control of their feeding costs.  Forage crops such as brassicas, can be the cheapest source of additional forage and can be available for grazing by stock all year around.


  • A wide range of forage brassicas from Germinal provides options for out–wintering, extended grazing or plugging mid–summer grazing gaps. Close collaboration with leading New Zealand agribusiness PGG Wrightson, including an exclusive agency in the UK and Ireland, provides access to some of the world’s leading innovations in brassica breeding, to complement Germinal’s own proprietary varieties.

    Download Brochure - 2018_Forage_Brassicas_NI.pdf

    • Forage brassicas
  • Germinal has been instrumental in the introduction of modern varieties of perennial chicory into UK livestock farming in recent years. This broad–leaved perennial herb offers a valuable addition to grazing leys, providing high yields of nutritious forage alongside its ability to withstand drought.

    Download Brochure - 2018_Perennial_Chicory_NI.pdf

    • Perennial chicory
  • Modern varieties of lucerne, bred to perform in UK conditions and treated for improved establishment, are an important part of Germinal’s forage crop range. Breeding progress, alongside innovation in seed presentation, make this valuable high–protein, nitrogen–fixing, crop a viable option across the UK.

    Download Brochure - 2018_Lucerne_NI.pdf

    • Lucerne

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