Germinal is a company that is moving forward, leading the way, innovating for the future and developing the best products. We invest time and resources in consistently improving our knowledge of seed development and our ability to project and plan for the future.

The Aber range of high quality perennial ryegrasses and white clovers have been tested across diverse farm systems and growing conditions throughout New Zealand.

AberDart was introduced in 2000 as the world’s first high sugar grass and since then, successive varieties of Aber High Sugar Grasses (HSG) and clovers have continued to demonstrate superior pasture quality, persistence and digestibility.

Farmers have observed livestock showing a clear grazing preference for Aber HSG pasture over other ryegrasses and seen increases in dairy milk production and the liveweight gains of sheep, beef cattle and deer.

One of our key effective relationships is with the Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Science (IBERS), in Wales. This gives Germinal its business edge and differentiation. We are not just a supplier, but a researcher with vital knowledge in seed development. With a focus on developing new varieties for New Zealand, in New Zealand, we can ensure future varieties will continue to offer the superior benefits to New Zealand farmers.

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