Lift animal production with Aber® High Sugar Grass

Extra sugar provides more energy and improved digestibility

Aber High Sugar Grasses (HSG) represent a significant advance in the nutritional benefits derived from ryegrass pasture. Bred for increased content of water soluble carbohydrate (WSC), or sugar, Aber HSG varieties offer more readily available energy and are more digestible for dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep and deer than standard ryegrass.

Aber HSG offers farmers real potential to lift animal production on pasture. Another key benefit of Aber grasses is their enduring persistence.

Farmers report that their dense tiller (leaf stem) growth and deep root mass enable Aber HSG pastures to better withstand grazing pressure and pugging, not be pulled out of the ground by grazing cattle and more efficiently tap into available soil moisture during dry spells.

A summary of Aber HSG benefits proven in New Zealand farming conditions is available here. For more information contact us today.

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