The first Super Clover is here

AberLasting is the first ever Super Clover, developed to incorporate the benefits of Caucasian clover with white clover, giving farmers the best of both

Super Clover AberLasting
  • Stoloons above and rhizomes below means a more resilient plant with a larger, deeper root system.
  • Increased persistence from rhizomatous root system
  • Faster establishment than Caucasian clover
  • More drought tolerant than white clover – maintained leaf water content for one week longer than white clover when without water
  • Excellent cold tolerance
  • Can withstand heavy grazing and recovers quicker than white clover
  • Nitrogen fixation comparable with white clover
  • AberLasting production paddocks have seen tolerance to Clover Root Weevil over second and third years under pressure.
AberLasting Plant


Don’t settle for anything less. Ask your merchant for AberLasting in your pasture mix.